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Aspire by Vectric is an intuitive and powerful software for CNC processing of 2D, 2.5D, 3D structures and also with embossing functions. Aspire is ideal for a variety of applications such as pocket milling, hole and grooving, V-carving, chamfering or contour milling on your CNC milling machine.

Versatile 3D modeling tools allow 3D reliefs to be created and then edited quickly and easily. A comprehensive set of tool data for processing makes it easier to construct your own objects on the one hand and import 2D and 3D data on the other. The 2D and 3D relief design clipart included with the Aspire software can be used in your own projects and edited individually.

The clear and intuitive user interface design makes it easy to construct models and process 3D workpieces. User-friendly interactive drag & drop tool elements save time during construction and make it possible to quickly and understandably create the desired design. A large tool database provides space for the tools and their parameters. Thanks to the many existing post-processors and the built-in machine management, the Aspire software can be used for all common CNC milling machines and machine controls.

You manage and organize your milling tools easily so that you can filter by materials and machine settings and quickly use the right cutter. Once Vectric has received your order, you will receive a link to your V & Co customer portal account by email. It allows you to access and download your 3D clipart files and anything else you are entitled to, including; your license, product, case studies, forum posts and much more. You will need V&Co to download free or purchased upgrades in the future.

  • Tools for 2D design and layout, circles, rectangles, vectors, lines, professional CAD functions;
  • Text editor incl. engraving fonts;
  • Import and export in DXF, EPS, AI, PDF formats;
  • face milling;
  • Tangential or arcuate approach and withdrawal;
  • Raids: helix, oblique, spiral, vertical;
  • Milling path simulation / 3D display with material selection;
  • 3D features;
  • 2D milling with interactively manageable webs;
  • Milling pocket cutters and recesses (e.g. for stamps or raised letters);
  • Drill cycle creation;
  • Nesting with automatic layer creation;
  • Sublime V-grooves with the new 3D prism function;
  • Drilling applications for rhinestones on clothing etc.;
  • Bone function for easy linking of machined parts; Automatic cleaning of the anchor points in vector drawings;
  • Automatic inlay function for manufacturing precision-fit parts, with tool radius compensation;
  • Auto-depth strategies;
  • Up milling, uphill milling, inside the contour, outside the contour, and so on;
  • Milling time calculation;
  • Professional engraving functions / setting diamond engraving strips at individual angles / use of depth controls;
  • Engrave consecutive numbers or texts;
  • Full compatibility with creation software, such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator etc.;
  • Languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian. You choose the language during the installation process.

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